Nokia 8877

Nokia 8877

PCS cellular phone


  • Enters into a pocket inside perfectly and the size (Weight: 75g, size: 78.8 x 42.9 x 19.5 mm)
  • [thu] LAN D one only Nokia designs
  • To adopt 8 line formation displays, soft key and status display of letter inputs and 2 lines of 6 lines possibility


  • High class the core which adopts a be lustered subject matter [phul] does and the design which is elegant
  • With metal Rick one color faint white hundred
  • Nokia 8887/8877 affixed 16 chord general midi formats. The bell acoustic download is possible 2 until midi bell sounds and close bell acoustic 3.
  • Is devised in the user center and User Interface adoptions where the use is simple
  • High resolution morality 4 – gray scale display


  • Quick Internet access
  • 2 midi bell sounds and 3 close bell sounds possibility
  • Graphic download function
  • Internet access the game which leads

Life style

  • Time and place, according to life style cellular phone mode the profile function autoconfiguration
  • The maximum 200 people even e-mail addresses and 5 directory numbers the large dosage telephone directory function will be able to store
  • According to the originator group the bell sound which is divided
  • With ramp color originator group dividing possibility


  • The soft key adoption where the menu movement comes to be convenient conspicuously easily
  • With the function which predicts a letter in advance sees the letter input which comes to be easy quickly
  • Used a letter prediction input function,
  • Boy [su] dialing
  • Cellular phone menu 2 national language support (the Korean language/English)
  • Side volume control button and vocal sound recording button
  • Internet access button

Power Management

Battery type Talk time Stand by time
Standard form (BLK-2) 110 ~ 150 minutes 190 ~ 210 hours

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