Nokia PremiCell 18i

Nokia PremiCell 18i

The Nokia PremiCell terminal is a fast and easy telephone subscription

The Nokia PremiCell terminal is a new way to build up a telephone subscription: Take the PremiCell terminal wherever you want in a GSM network coverage area, connect it to the mains and to a traditional telephone. The connection is ready immediately.
With the PremiCell terminal you can avoid the construction of time-consuming and expensive fixed lines. You can transfer it easily from one place to another. In addition to drawing the current from the mains network you can use also a battery with the solar power pack.

The Nokia PremiCell terminal offers mobile fax connection

You can connect the PremiCell terminal easily also to a telefax. When the terminal is part of e.g. a company’s exhibition equipment, the exhibition stand telephone and fax number will remain the same, even when moving from one country to another, and the company is independent of outside connection services. A tried and tested connection is always available.

The Nokia PremiCell terminal is a transferable data connection

Connecting a computer to the PremiCell terminal is easy. An easily transferable digital data connection is available for you everywhere in a GSM network coverage area. The versatile PremiCell terminal offers solutions for all connection needs of homes and small or mobile offices. Connected to the office PABX, the terminal functions as an intelligent and cost-effective way to combine land-line and mobile services.

The Nokia PremiCell terminal is a cost-effective unmanned connection

The Nokia PremiCell terminal is a fast and cost-effective way to implement unmanned connections and telemetric applications. When premises are connected to an alarm system the necessary new telephone connections can be implemented without waiting for cable installation and connection. Use of the Nokia PremiCell terminal saves both time and money and the GSM connection is an extremely reliable alternative all over the world.

The idea of the Nokia PremiCell terminal is simple: hang the terminal on the wall and connect it to the mains network. Connect a traditional telephone to the unit. Lift the telephone and call. The PremiCell terminal sends calls through the GSM network and no fixed line is needed. The PremiCell terminal can also be connected to a fax and computer.

In the GSM world the PremiCell terminal connection is less liable to interference than many normal connections, due to its unique antenna diversity. This is a property which has great significance, particularly in areas where the field is weak.

GSM Fits All

Use the accessories to get the best out of the PremiCell terminal in all operating locations: backup battery, RS 232 adapter for data communications, additional antennas to ensure reception in bad conditions and a solar power pack. The external appearance of the PremiCell terminal can be changed with a coloured SIM cover.

The Nokia PremiCell terminal can be connected to equipment intended for the traditional telephone network system. The terminal operates on the GSM network and converts the signals from a standard telephone, fax and computer connected to it to be suitable for the GSM network.

With the PremiCell terminal you can make contact when it is not possible to construct fixed lines, or when the waiting time for the fixed connection is too long.

The installation of the PremiCell terminal can be done in a moment and you can also carry out the installation yourself. At its most rapid the telephone can be operating immediately after the connection of the power supply and telephone cable.



Network GSM1800
Size 28 x 121 x 213 mm
Weight 800 g
Cover material Cast aluminum
Environmental temperature -10…+55 oC
SIM card Small
SIM cover Black (alternatives red or green)
RF Power Max. 1 W (GSM 1800)
Sensitivity 100 dBm (GSM 1800)
Line voltage 40±3 V
Line impedance 600 ½
Line current Max. 25 mA
Ringing voltage 45 Vrms, 25 Hz
Power supply voltage 6.6…6.9 V DC 1.4 A
Telephone interface Fixed, CCIT standard. Possibility to connect 3 phones
Fax interface RJ-11 connector for analog Group 3 faxes up to 9.6 kbit/s
Data Supports Nokia Data Suite and RS 232 connection
Backup battery Optional. Talk time 2,5 h (GSM 1800)
Antennas Standard antennas integrated into the terminal, external antennas connected separately
Security Based on GSM standard

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