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Cover Slide – Presenting the cover
Nokia museum is a small slice of marketing and this cover slide show us the current Nokia position in smart devices market and our competition. Five years ago Nokia was in the top and the competition at the bottom but now the situation has changed in such a short time… And still we cannot compare Nokia with any other company. For example Apple has only a 5 products created till now but their success is due to the fact that they chose to sell a lifestyle… Not a product. We had betters products than apple even after they launched the iPhone and even now but…. Steven Jobs believed that : “people don’t know what they want” and apple marketing’s campaigns are not good or excellent, they are awesome and amazing. We see apple logo and apple products in most of the movies and in various tech and fashion magazines or in celebrities hands, we see apple everywhere but people don’t know that this is psychological strategy of marketing… People are seeing a lifestyle and something they want to be part of it… To be cool… Thousand of people are waiting days even in bad weather in front of apple stores when a new product is next to be launched… I don’t think they are crazy… But they love this lifestyle. They want to be part of it and the first ones that are tasting the flavor of this lifestyle. We cannot be in top and in their pockets even with the best quality and commercials ads if we don’t get in their harts and selling them a lifestyle first. I am just a summer trainee but I strongly believe that if Nokia wants to be again in top we should adopt a new strategy for marketing and sales. There are a lot of things to be done…

And there is also Samsung but people are using Samsung because of love for Google’s free and good products which are coming with Android. Consumers chose to use Samsung products with Android because there was not an Nokia alternative for this. But this is a closed subject now.

2′nd slide – About the word museum
When we hear the word museum we are almost immediate thinking to the word history and this is true, and also it is a true fact that Nokia made and wrote the history of mobile communication and people must remember that. We must refresh their memories and use them in our benefits. If we ask someone about an old phone model he had, probably he will remember a Nokia phone. So why a Nokia Museum concept? Because Nokia has the biggest contribution in this history area. The history of mobile communication. No other phone company can have a museum because nobody has a history and so much products as Nokia. We can be unique.

Slides 3,4,5,6 – Presenting the website
So, after many hours spent in the front of computer I finally managed to finish the Nokia Museum website. Everybody can find here a ordered chronological gallery with absolutely all Nokia phone models starting with Mobira Senator made in 1982 and finishing with the Nokia Asha Family launched 2 months ago. More than 850 phones made by Nokia in 40 years of producing mobile phones are listed here. Each phone has its own page containing its full specifications and also a photo gallery with pictures. The website is live and here are some print screens of the website… but the website is NOT IMPORTANT right now,

Link To Nokia Museum

Slide 7 – Real Nokia Museum Features
What is really important is a real Nokia museum were people can go visit and see with their own eyes how big it is Nokia Portfolio and what Nokia has done for the mobile communication industry.
I am imagine this facility where we can offer to visitors some amazing features and entertainment. A place with all the phones Nokia ever created exposed in a fancy style, with a lot of features, like a TEST ZONE where they can test and play with the latest Nokia Products, a Nokia STORE where they can purchase our products and many accessories presented by trained personal. It is very important that for everything we will present in this place to have special trained personal knowing how to work with consumers and how to convince them that Nokia is the best election after a visitor enter through the door in our facility.

Slide 8 – Features for visitors
This is the most important part of the plan and the idea is that people will have what to see in this amazing place. This museum will be a must visit for everybody. It will be interesting for person of all ages and specially for kids and teenagers. We can also to offer some nice features to the customers for making them mor happy and loyal to our brand.

Slide 9,10 – Design & Sketch
In my mind somehow this museum is already alive and it is extremely interactive and Hi Tech and the visitors will have this unique experience when they will visit this place. They will have a lot of memories when they will see phones they had in the past…
While the visitors are waiting for a tour of museum they can seat in the cafeteria and order some snacks or drinks, ice-cream and bring us some money for recovering the investment costs. The structure of the museum facility must be circular so they can visit chronological the inside of the museum. The lighting systems will be amazing and design will be awesome. After the tour starts, the facility will start to be en lighted from the dark in many colors and to welcome and follow the visitors and the lights will automatically turn on when they and advance the tour… More they advance more light spots and phone stands from the shelf’s will start to be alive, with different light colors and effects . In the middle of this circular space it will be another circular large room with the most interesting effects from the facility. Here it will be the Nokia Hall of Fame with the biggest hits and most sold phones. This phone models will be presented in hi tech style with very dynamic presentations .

At the end of the tour they can again enjoy the cafeteria and play games in the Games Corner, or they can play with the latest Nokia devices in the TEST ZONE. Our trained personal will be everywhere presenting everything and they will know how to convince them to buy a device till they are ready to leave. Also on the way to the exit they will be asked to give their feedback about the devices tested or bought. And lets not forget about the Souvenirs shop which also will bring us some money from their pockets so we can recover our investment fast.

Slide 11 – What Nokia can earn
-Strong relationship with consumers
-Developing a loyal marketing program
-Increasing the sales rates of Nokia Products
-Real feedback
-Loyal Consumers

Slide 12 – Recover the Investment
If we use trained personal I am confident that we can offer to the visitor so many paid features, accessories and souvenirs for recovering our investment costs.
The main income will be from :
-Nokia Shop
-Souvenirs Shop
-Cafeteria Sales

Slide 13 – Promoting the Museum
This is the easiest part of this plan after we finish this facility because everybody will love to sped time here. The kids and teenagers will be crazy about this place and for smart devices this is an important segment of consumers. The news will write about our place and they will make us free advertising, same with the bloggers because whoever has a blog and will visit our museum will spread the news.

Also we can promote the museum on :
-Travel guides
-Tourist maps
-Digital maps
-Nokia Official web pages
-Travel Magazines and blogs
-Social Media : Facebook, Youtube

Slide 14,15 – Helsinki Tourism Statistics
Here we have some extras from the Helsinki tourism statistics report and we can check some numbers… and if we can get and attract only 10 percent from Helsinki visitors we can make enough money for sustaining the facility and make some income, but the idea is to create a loyal marketing strategy.

Slide 16 – Building a real Museum
This could be a small challenge in our current situation because of the lack of funds but this facility can bring us more consumers and to increase our sales. It is not a waste of money it is an excellent investment.

Slide 17 – What we need for building the Nokia Museum
The salient things that we need for building this museum, other than money and time are described here.

Slide 18 – All over the Earth
If the first Nokia Museum is a succes, we can try to imagine a Nokia Museum in all big cities on the Earth. You can have an image about how much potential has this facility for new consumers and sales we can get.

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